Ronaldo Expresses Controversial Views on Football Awards


Ronaldo Expresses Controversial Views on Football Awards

Football superstar Ronaldo has cast doubt on the significance of the Golden Ball and FIFA The Best titles, stating that he no longer believes in these prestigious accolades. Despite being the world’s top scorer in 2023 with an impressive 54 goals, Ronaldo failed to secure either the Golden Ball or FIFA The Best 2023 titles, both of which were claimed by Messi. The 38-year-old even found himself excluded from the nomination list for these awards.

During the recent Globe Soccer Awards ceremony, where Ronaldo received three honors, he made noteworthy remarks about his loss of faith in these traditional awards. Ronaldo emphasized the importance of evaluating a player’s performance throughout an entire season rather than relying solely on awards. He acknowledged that players like Messi, Mbappe, or Haaland may still deserve recognition but stressed that he no longer believes in these specific awards. Ronaldo argued that his achievements, such as being the top scorer of the year, are grounded in undeniable statistics.

Addressing Messi’s controversial win at FIFA The Best 2023, Ronaldo brushed off the controversy, stating that he is accustomed to such outcomes in football tournaments. He highlighted the challenges of scoring goals on a professional stage, asserting that, regardless of the league, a goal is a goal. Ronaldo expressed satisfaction with surpassing other prolific goal-scorers like Haaland, Mbappe, or Kane in terms of the number of goals scored.

In discussing the prospect of reaching the milestone of 1,000 goals, Ronaldo, currently with 873 goals, downplayed the numerical focus. He asserted his status as the greatest scorer in football history and emphasized the importance of enjoying each moment in his career. Ronaldo clarified that, despite the discussion around reaching 1,000 goals, he remains focused on the present and relishing every moment on the football pitch.

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