Largest HIV/AIDS treatment facility in Vietnam – a tranquil and compassionate center


Largest HIV/AIDS treatment facility in Vietnam – a tranquil and compassionate center

Nhân Ái Hospital, located in Bình Phước Province, is the largest HIV/AIDS treatment facility in Vietnam, offering free treatment to end-stage patients and those from drug rehabilitation centers in HCM City. Established in 2006, the hospital covers 170 hectares, with 363 medical staff and 595 patients.

Patients, who come from across the hospital’s campus, actively participate in daily activities, such as cleaning rooms, caring for plants, or enjoying the sunlight. Dr. Lê Văn Hạng, Deputy Head of the General Planning Division, engages with patients, checking on their well-being.

Patient N.A.T, paralyzed since a motorcycle accident in 2016 and diagnosed with HIV, expresses gratitude for the hospital’s care and credits the medical workers for his miraculous recovery. Similarly, patient K.D., who contracted HIV from drug use, shares her journey of recovery, expressing love for the hospital and its staff.

Despite facing severe health issues, the medical staff, including nurses Trần Thị Diệu and Lê Thanh Phong, provide dedicated care. Bùi Văn Tiến, Deputy Head of Social Work Division, emphasizes the patients’ dual nature and notes that the hospital helps reveal their positive sides.

The hospital staff, considering Nhân Ái as their family, find joy and happiness in the health and smiles of the patients. Many individuals, initially in poor health, recover through their efforts and the wholehearted care of the medical workers, experiencing a rebirth of health.

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