Experience traveling to places with snow and ice


Experience traveling to places with snow and ice

In places where snow and ice appear, the temperature often drops, so visitors need to carefully prepare clothes to avoid catching a cold.

The North is in the period of the lowest temperature since the beginning of the season, with frost appearing in many places such as Phia Oac peak (Cao Bang), Mau Son (Lang Son), Binh Lieu (Quang Ninh). Coming to these places to travel and watch ice, visitors should note the following, based on the experience of Mr. Vu Minh Quan, a photographer who has successfully hunted snow many times, and Mr. Lekima Hung, who specializes in organizing snow events. phototour program to famous tourist destinations at home and abroad.

Frost in Mau Son on January 23. Photo: TTXVN

Experience hunting ice and snow

Usually, when the temperature drops in the North, frost will appear, but not always snow. Snow falls from the clouds above, and frost forms right on the ground, due to freezing water vapor.

It doesn’t mean it will snow if it’s really cold. Mr. Vu Minh Quan said “when it rains heavily it is most likely to snow, and when it is too dry it is difficult to snow even though it is very cold”.

“If a cold spell like today comes with rain and Hanoi’s temperature drops to 6-7 degrees, the northern mountainous area can absolutely have snow when the temperature is around 0 degrees,” Mr. Quan said.

In Vietnam, snow usually only falls for a very short period of time, sometimes just a few hours a day, like the heavy snowfall in 2013, 2016 and 2021. Mr. Quan also added that snow hunting sometimes requires “luck.” “.

“It’s best to see snow warnings before arriving” or else stay for a few days in locations where there may be snow during the cold spell.

Tourists watch ice in Mau Son. Photo: TTXVN

About clothes when it’s cold and snowy

– Clothes are warm enough, indispensable items are hats, socks and scarves. Clothing consists of many layers: moisture-proof layer, heat-retaining layer, insulation layer and windproof layer (rainproof). You should wear tight pants inside to help retain heat better.

Depending on the weather and time spent outdoors, you can choose appropriate clothing from these four layers of clothing.

– If you exercise a lot, like mountain climbing, you don’t need to wear a thermal layer, but you still need to keep your ears and hands warm.

– Shoes have thick lining to keep feet warm, and soles have spikes (patterns) to help prevent slipping in slippery terrain conditions. If the destination has snow, you need to wear specialized shoes.

– You should have a thermal patch just in case, to stick on the back or soles of your feet, can be used while sleeping or during the day, effective time is about 8 hours.

– You should bring a thermos with hot water mixed with ginger tea, a drink that works well to warm the body.

– Need to bring medicines, in addition to digestive medicine, cold and cough medicine are needed. A bottle of wind oil will also be very useful in many cases.

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